Uniform is compulsory for all pupils attending the School.


A wristwatch, a chain and simple cross or religious medal are permitted. One pair of small stud earings may be worn, but these must be removed for PE.

No other jewellery must be worn.

No make-up is permitted (this includes nail varnish or nail extensions).

The decision of the Senior Leadership Team in the school regarding any item of clothing, make-up or hairstyle as unsuitable is final and the school will expect the students and parent/carer to accept that judgement. On non-uniform days students must wear appropriate clothing. No short shorts, mini-skirts or short dresses.


 Boys Uniform Girls Uniform 
 Boys PE Kit Girls PE Kit 

Year 12 - 13

School P.E. Kit

School P.E. Kit can be ordered directly from Sportswear International Ltd.

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